Kareem Abou Gamrah

Founder & MD, Peace Cake

Kareem loves challenges, three years working for Google while finishing his bachelors degree. Moving to Dubai working on developing a start up an accelerator there. Competing in international start up competitions and back to Cairo to found Peace Cake with his partners – A creative agency that’s been taking the industry by storm. When he’s not on the weird side of the internet Kareem is the Managing Director of Peace Cake his goal is to move the company to a position where people are able to spot their work, partially inspired of course by the weird side of the internet. Being able to be unique in the way they approach creative obstacles and messaging. A firm believer in challenging norms, Kareem and his team believes that audiences want to be engaged with and not spoon fed. Every brief is an opportunity and every insight is an opportunity to speak to our audience in a new way. Rarely ever the easy way.