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Flat6Labs Accelerator Company

Flat6Labs Accelerator Company

Flat6Labs Accelerator Company (FAC) is focused on investing in high potential for growth companies within innovation based and knowledge driven industries in Egypt, including but not limited to; ICT, Education and Healthcare Technology, Digital Content and Online Media, Consumer Internet, and Solutions for Financial Services and Payments (FinTech).

With a fund size of EGP 100m, FAC is investing in up to 100 early-stage startups and 300+ entrepreneurs, during its 5 years investment period. Every 6 months, Flat6Labs Cairo provides seed capital to 10 startups, each company receiving from EGP 500K to EGP 750K in funding for 10% equity upon joining the accelerator. Upon completion of the Flat6Labs Cairo accelerator program, graduate companies with the strongest potential, and those that have secured investments from third parties, are eligible for follow-on funding of up to EGP 2m.

Through investing in promising seed stage and early stage companies and providing them with strategic mentorship, office-space, a multitude of perks and services ($300,000+), and entrepreneurship-focused business training and workshops, FAC stimulates the investment pipeline in Egypt by introducing new companies with well developed concepts every year; while creating healthy investment returns to its investors.

FAC is managed by a unique and experienced team with a confluence of proven investment, operating and domain expertise in MENA, Europe and North America. FAC, alongside its notable investors- the International Finance Corporation, MSME Development Agency, Egyptian American Enterprise Fund, and Egypt Ventures; aim to have a rapid impact on value creation and passionate entrepreneurs.

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